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Meet The Crew

Keep it nice n’ saucy with European Flavour Factory! We are a local British Columbia business ready to spice up the day-to-day lives of hot sauce lovers and business owners everywhere, including in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and the NorthWest Territories!

Owned and operated by a young Chilliwack couple, Vivien and Richard, European Flavour Factory expands on the sauce recipes produced by Richard’s parents in Europe with a special twist you can only find when you shop with us. We have flavours for everyone, and best of all, our hot sauces are non-vinegar based, vegan, and gluten-free — except for our BBQ sauce, which we simply couldn’t keep the gluten-y goodness out of if we tried.

We have a passion for gardening and cooking, with the determined spirit to create a hot, aromatic, spicy experience that no one has created before. Our Carolina Reapers are homegrown and added for heat and flavour. Turn up the volume by tasting all of our hot sauces, and feel free to use them as dipping sauce or marinade, too! The flavours incorporated in these best hot sauces will transport your taste buds to Hungary, Germany, Turkey, France, and the Caribbean, without you having to book a plane ticket.

European Flavour Factory has produced the ultimate flavour trip. Tasting our homemade hot sauces, you can feel the climatic heat rising within, sending your gustatory cells into a spin. Unlike most hot sauces, ours leave out vinegar, so every sauce is sultry hot and manageable. Richard and Vivien have also cooked up some great names for our Canadian hot sauces to honour the front line workers we support, including Life Support and K-9 Unit. Give your mouth a vacation. Shop our homemade hot sauces, and spoil your taste buds with European Flavour Factory today!


Meet The Crew