Shady Business BBQ Sauce

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Shady Business Spicy Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce

Introducing Shady Business Spicy Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce, a marvel in the world of culinary concoctions that brings an audaciously unique flavor to your table. This singular sensation combines the rich, deep notes of cocoa with the tangy zest of apricot, all underpinned by a thrilling spice blend that promises to invigorate your BBQ dishes like never before.

Our label proudly features the charismatic visage of a "snake oil" salesman, a nod to the playful and mysterious origins of this sauce. This figure, with a sly grin and a bottle of our "miracle elixir" in hand, embodies the spirit of Shady Business - where the allure of the forbidden and the promise of an extraordinary experience meet. This character does not just sell a sauce; he offers an adventure, a dive into flavors so bold and unexpected, they seem almost too good to be true.

Why Non-Vinegar Based?

Eliminating this base allows more flavours to be present and no added extracts are needed, which leads to an amazing culinary experience and excitement for your next meal!

You can use these sauces as Marinade, Dipping sauce, pasta sauce, salad dressing, or however you like it there are no limits!

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Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Ingredients: Apricots, Brown Sugar, Tomato (Crushed Tomato, Water, Salt, Citric Acid) Water, Salt, Soy Sauce (Water, soybeans, sugar, salt, wheat flour), Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Chipotle, Cocoa Powder, Chilli Powder, Sorbic Acid

Contains Soy, Wheat, and Sulphites.



Recipes and Ideas:

Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce blends the unexpected richness of cocoa with the tangy sweetness of apricot, creating a versatile and unforgettable flavour profile. Perfect for adding depth and intrigue to your favorite dishes, here are some inspired ways to incorporate this unique sauce into your culinary repertoire:

1. **Sweet and Spicy BBQ Glaze:**

Create a mouthwatering glaze by combining Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce with a touch of honey and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Brush it over grilled chicken, pork, or salmon for a delightful balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavours that will make any dish stand out.

2. **Cocoa Apricot Glazed Vegetables:**

Roast your favorite seasonal vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, or Brussels sprouts, and glaze them with Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce mixed with a little olive oil in the last few minutes of roasting. This adds a deliciously sweet and smoky flavour to the vegetables, making for a side dish that's anything but ordinary.

3. **Cocoa Apricot BBQ Pulled Pork:**

Slow cook a pork shoulder with a generous amount of Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce until it's tender and falls apart easily. Shred the meat and mix it with more sauce for a sweet and tangy pulled pork that's perfect for sandwiches, tacos, or as a protein-packed salad topping.

4. **Spicy Cocoa Apricot Breakfast Sausages:**

Mix a bit of Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce into your ground pork or turkey when making homemade breakfast sausages. The sauce will add a sweet, spicy, and slightly fruity flavour to your morning meal, making it a memorable start to the day.

5. **Cocoa Apricot BBQ Baked Beans:**

Transform your baked beans with a spoonful of Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce for a smoky, sweet, and slightly spicy flavour. This addition turns a simple side dish into a complex and rich accompaniment that's perfect for BBQs and potlucks.

6. **Cocoa Apricot BBQ Skewers:**

Marinate chunks of chicken, beef, or tofu in Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce before threading them onto skewers with vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Grill to perfection for a smoky, sweet, and tangy kebab that's bursting with flavour.

7. **Spicy Cocoa Apricot Cornbread:**

Add a unique twist to homemade cornbread by incorporating a small amount of Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce into the batter. The sauce adds a subtle sweetness and a hint of spice, elevating the cornbread to a new level of deliciousness.

8. **Cocoa Apricot BBQ Ribs:**

Slather your ribs with Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce before and during grilling or baking for ribs that are sticky, sweet, and packed with flavour. The cocoa and apricot notes add a complexity that complements the richness of the meat beautifully.

9. **Cocoa Apricot BBQ Flatbread:**

Transform flatbread into a culinary delight by spreading a thin layer of Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce over the base. Add toppings such as sliced chicken, red onion, cilantro, and mozzarella cheese for a quick and delicious meal that's perfect for entertaining or a family dinner.

10. **BBQ Wings with a Twist:**

Give your chicken wings an upgrade by tossing them in a mixture of Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce and melted butter. Bake or fry to perfection for wings that offer a uniquely sweet and spicy experience, served with a side of blue cheese dressing to cool down the heat.

11. **Spicy Cocoa Apricot Popcorn Toss:**

Give your movie night popcorn a gourmet upgrade by drizzling it with a mixture of melted butter and Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce. Toss well to coat every kernel with this sweet and spicy concoction for a snack that's impossible to resist. The combination of cocoa and apricot adds a surprising depth of flavour to the popcorn, making it a hit at any gathering

12. **Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce Ice Cream Topping:**

Venture into the realm of sweet and savory desserts by using Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce as an innovative ice cream topping. Drizzle the sauce over a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream to create a dessert that balances the creaminess of the ice cream with the smoky sweetness and slight tanginess of the sauce. The unexpected combination of cocoa and apricot flavours with the cold, sweet ice cream offers a delightful taste sensation that's both refreshing and indulgent. To enhance the experience, sprinkle a few crushed nuts or chocolate chips on top for added texture and flavour contrast. This unique dessert idea showcases the versatility of the sauce, proving it can make a bold statement in both traditional BBQ dishes and creative sweet treats.

These ideas showcase the versatility of Shady Business Cocoa Apricot BBQ Sauce, allowing it to shine in a variety of dishes from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Feel free to experiment with the sauce in your favorite recipes to discover new flavor profiles and culinary delights.